Che Onejoon

République de Corée
Che Onejoon

Che Onejoon was born in Seoul in 1979 currently lives in Seoul. He deals with specific places of Korean society which connotes social and political matters. His works look as if they were documentation of the deserted and hidden place in the city. However it gives to foresee the matrix of the Korean social and political changes within the time feature that penetrates modern to contemporary history of Korea. He received ‘Ilwoo(Korean air line) Foundation photo prize 2010’ from works from his book ‘Geopolitics of the visible’ and he was nominated for ‘The 11th Hermes Korea Art Prize’ by Hermes Foundation, Seoul, 2011. He was also selected to participate to Le Pavilion residency program, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2011. Since 2001, Onejoon's photo and video works were presented in biennials, museums and film festivals in many countries.


A Monumental Tour

Che Onejoon's project proposes a new dialogue of cultures: a South Korean, he offers an investigation of the property and architectural contracts which, since the 1970s, have linked North Korea with various African countries. It is to the same company, Mansudae studio, based in Pyongyang, that we owe the Tiglachin Monument in Ethiopia, the African Renaissance Monument in Senegal and the Presidential Palace in Namibia and Madagascar, but also monumental statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. During his project, Che Onejoon intends to produce a record on these statues and monuments that follow the rules of socialist realist monumental art. The final serie will consist of photographs of these monuments taken by the artist; frontal views, but also portraits of witnesses, craftsmen and workers who have contributed to the work, in North Korea and in Africa. Through this project and these African architectural manifestations, Che Onejoon intends to produce a shadow portrait of North Korea.