Faten Gaddes

Faten Gaddes

Born in Tunis (Tunisia) in 1974, Faten Gaddes studied photography at the School of Art and Design there and graduated as an interior designer. Now the director of the Un Cinquième interior design agency, she continues to pursue a career as a photographer, working in an artistic and political vein, with an emphasis on the duty to memory. Represented by the Ammar Farhat gallery in Sidi Bou Saïd, she is a member of the Visual Arts Association in Tunis and has exhibited several times, notably in Tunisia or at the Rencontres de Bamako. She divides her time between Tunis, Paris and New York.

Curator: Michket Krifa


Mon Tunis

Photoquai 2015

In her Mon Tunis series, Faten Gaddes offers a portrait of Tunisian society today as seen through the codes of the past. Do not these intellectuals, artists, politicians, public figures, artisans, butchers, fishermen and children seem to be carrying on the tradition of anonymous generations dressed in their Sunday best for the photo studios of the 1930s? In Faten Gaddes' studio all her models pose against the same backdrop, with a special set added for each portrait. This is a way, she says, of allowing her compatriots to reclaim their history: "Fifty years of dictatorship and autocracy robbed Tunisians of their past: Bourguiba abolished the period of the monarchy and Ben Ali abolished the Bourguiba period. Which explains why Tunisians are so unsure of their identity today."



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