Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

Of Ecuadorian origins, Karen Miranda Rivadeneira was born in 1983 in New York. After studying philosophy and theology, she joins the School of Visual Arts in New York, and then, follows her studies at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark.  Karen Miranda Rivadeneira’s photographs explore identity and intimacy and find their main source of inspiration in the Ecuadorian Andes, native land of the artist.
Her works have been exhibited at the Dublin Art Festival, at the Arles Encounters and Houston Museum of Fine Arts in 2011, as well as in the Chicago Museum of Arts in 2015. She recently took part to the Smithsonian Institute’s show “Staging the Self” in Washington D.C., as photographer of Latin-American origins.


Piedra redonda

Photoquai 2015

"The Shuar people have lived in the Amazon forest since time immemorial. They see the world as full of spirits, archetypes of human nature and its different states: on the one hand there is Nantar – the sublime, the ether of the ancients, accessible through contemplation; and on the other, Arutam – a warrior world of action and inner thunder. Through his personal relationship with Nantar and Arutam, each Shuar achieves a deep understanding of his relationship with nature. They are part of the human psyche and as such are accessible to all of us: all we have to do is think ontologically – to look for meaning in everything that exists, to emphasise the "meditative thought" so dear to Heidegger. By observing the Shuar communing with nature, I have tried to intimate a feeling of fulfilment. We all aspire to harmony between action and contemplation, between the conscious and the unconscious. This quest is a difficult one, but it's worth it." — Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

en cours


In the mouth of the mountain jaguar everyone is a dancing hummingbird

Photography Residencies 2016

In his introduction to Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s In Praise of shadows, Charles Moore states : “one of the central human acts is connecting with a place which belong to us, and to which we belong”.

For the Photography Residencies, Karen Miranda Rivedeneira plans to return to her native Ecuador, to the mountains of the north and south, in order to capture the original people of the Andes “in the simplest and most surprising way”. Her work will be focused on the Provincia de Bolivar with its desert and volcanic landscapes and vivid Inca traditions, as well as the Provincia de Loja, home of the most tenacious of all indigenous people, the Saraguro.

According to the artist, the inhabitants of the Ecuadorian Andes move through time and space embodying concepts that transcends the intellect and that falls within the core of mystery. It’s this intimate relation with their territory and the omnipresent esoteric dimension of their every day that inspired the artist for her project.

The photographic act, which is most of the time not expected and the result of chance, should allow Karen Miranda Rivadeneira to grasp the essence of the mountains and to explore the identity of the photographed subjects, two of the main themes at the core of the work since she started to practice photography.