Tiago Coelho

Tiago Coelho

Tiago Coelho was born in 1985 in Santo Antonio da Patrulha, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. His cinema studies at Unisinos University in São Leopoldo (2003–2006) triggered an interest in documentary photography and he went on to enrol at EFTI, the Madrid School of Photography, where he graduated with a Masters in Photojournalism in 2007. Among his influences he cites his compatriots Eduardo Coutinho (1933-2014), Jacqueline Joner (b. 1953), Pieter Hugo (b. 1976) from South Africa and Cristina de Middel (b. 1975) from Spain. In the spring of this year, Tiago Coelho showed at the eighth edition of Festfoto at Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, where he lives and teaches photography at the local Unisinos campus. He also works as a freelance photographer and is artistic director of the Galeria Mascate in Porto Alegre.

Curator: Liza Faktor



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