PHQ5 Foreword by Président Stéphane Martin

As the family continues to be at the centre of impassioned debates in society, the Artistic Director of the 5th Photoquaihas chosen to give the event the theme of We Are Family. However, the word is not to be understood in the traditional sense, and there is no question here of the “family album”. What is shown by these artists exhibited by the banks of the Seine is rather a desire – shared by a group of people, for religious, cultural or historical reasons – to join together to form a community, to gather to bear witness to shared ideas, or to an aspiration to a similar way of life. This is summed up in an expression well-established today: ‘faire famille’ (become family).


Frank Kalero needed all his creativity to set the rules for this “game of forty families” (a figure corresponding to the number of photographs represented) and translate a theme of infinite variations into an exhibition with high artistic requirements. With the help of curators Claudi Carreras, Louise Clements, Liza Faktor, Michket Krifa, Azu Nwagbogu and Kevin Wy Lee, he has taken up the challenge brilliantly, finding artists all over the world whose images transmit a message as much as they convey an emotion. To this group of impassioned curators, I must express my total gratitude.


I would also like to thank profusely all the partners of the Biennial, in particular the Eiffel Tower, the Maison de l’Amérique latine, which has been with us since 2011, the Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière, and Gobelins, the School of Visual Communication. I also wish to express my sincere thanks to the designer Patrick Jouin who has presented all the photographs in this exhibition with great subtlety. Finally, the winners of the Photoquai’s Residencies programme have benefited from the support of Crédit Agricole, Corporate and Investment Bank, which I wish to thank most warmly. This valuable support enables the musée du quai Branly to present this 5th Photoquai, an open air photographic experience that has now become familiar.



Stéphane Martin

President of the Quai Branly Museum