The Scenography

40 photographs from every horizon confront us with their point of view of the world through 400 images displayed along the Seine, on the quai Branly, thanks to a scenography conceived by Patrick Jouin.

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The scenography, conceived by Patrick Jouin in 2007, re-emerges on quays dedicated to publishing as a signal and a signature for the biennial. It combines that photographic richness and diversity on the walkway overhanging the banks of the Seine. The Photoquai trail is an invitation to the voyage and offers the visitor a different reading of a walk which is normally linear.


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Urban perspective along the seine


vue de Photoquai 2009

PHQ2 © musée du quai Branly, photo by Antoine Schneck

For the walk Patrick Jouin has imagined an architecture which allows small and large formats to exist without cancelling each other out or getting mixed up. Dense and confined spaces give way, at the turn of a picture rail, to views over the Seine. The reading levels, the angles from which the views are taken, the perspectives make themselves as varied as the works of the artists exhibited.
The scenographic plan, “along the lines of stones carried by waves and pushed onto the bank”, is conceived of as a dense block which, as the walk unwinds, explodes, is dislocated, crumbles and is finally dispersed in small fragments beyond the walkway up to the doors of the musée du quai Branly. We also retain of this metaphor the aleatory and unstructured dimension, the organized disorder which conditions the trail with a succession of rhythms and breathings.