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Bendana-Pinel Contemporary Art gallery

Architecture des ombres, Série « Le délire des sages » Norton Maza – 2009
Architecture des ombres, Série « Le délire des sages » Norton Maza – 2009

The delirium of the wise

Norton Maza

From 12/09/2009 to 24/10/2009

The exhibition “The delirium of the wise” presents a new series of photographs by Norton Maza which are part of a larger collection of works relating to the social, economic, political, religious and war problems which stem from a globalised society.

Contrary to the previous series, the models which are used as a medium for the photographic work abandon here all reference to classical and baroque painting in favour of cold and futuristic aesthetics expressed using a contemporary visual language.




Pablo Hare – Alejandra Laviada – Cinthia Marcelle

From 07/11/09 to 23/12/09

Architecture and the transformation of the geographical, social and political landscape is a central theme in the works of Pablo Hare (Peru). His photographic work speaks of his own story, a documentary biography which comes within the design of a contemporary work. Elements which figure in the images of Pablo Hare include safeguard, the obsession as much with technical cleanliness as with the language of identity, the domestic and legacy. His work, carried out in dilapidated settings, gives out a feeling of absence and of turmoil.

The photographs of Alejandra Laviada (Mexico) are often taken in closed, abandoned sites, destined for destruction, which the artist temporarily transforms into a workshop. His work explores the unstable relationship between photography and sculpture by which ordinary objects lose their traditional function and are differently perceived. Each of Alejandra Laviada's projects is also an attempt to bring together the pieces of a story which have been simultaneously erased and created, and to examine the dialogue between destruction and construction, the destruction of a place and the construction of an image.

A fine line, a shape and and the management of a performance is how to describe the work of Cinthia Marcelle (Brazil). This Brazilian artist works on inventing images either in the form of videos, photos and sculptures, or by setting up environments. Most of Cinthia Marcelle's works follow clear instructions often marked by a certain degree of absurdity. In Fontaine 193, for example, the artist asked the fire brigade to drive their fire engine in a perfect circle whilst the fire hose projected water into the centre of the circle, thus creating the image of an upside-down fountain.

Pablo Hare's work is also being shown on the quai Branly, from September 22 to November 22 2009.

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