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Canadian Cultural Centre

Jeff Thomas, Father and Daughter in Toronto
Jeff Thomas, Father and Daughter in Toronto, Broadview Avenue (2007)


Arthur Renwick, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas

From 23/09/09 to 29/01/10 
Curators: Martha Langford and Sherry Farrell-Racette

The photographic works of Arthur Renwick, Adrian Stimson and Jeff Thomas are varied and, to different degrees, compose conflicting impressions of the identity of the First Nations. Their photographs are mostly settings and even the most traditional approach contains signs of a severing from the historical account. The strategies of conflict can be light or frankly ludicrous. The works of each artist are rooted in a solid knowledge of the history and of the realities of today. Their settings and their performances are based on solid research and a deep understanding of the cultural traditions even though they are firmly anchored in the present. The statement of these images is powerful: “we are here now, recognising us, and deal with us ".

Arthur Renwick was born in Kitimat in British Columbia and grew up in the Haisla Territory. He now lives in Toronto. His striking imagery reminds us of the spiritual and cosmological traditions of the Aborigines, those dynamic forces present in nature and also marked on the body.

Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Adrian Stimson is a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation from the south of Alberta. His interdisciplinary work consists of performances, videos and photographs which feature a transgressive character, “Buffalo Boy”, a parody of the famous Buffalo Bill.

Jeff Thomas was born in Buffalo, in the state of New York. He lives in Ottawa. He is a member of the Onondaga (Six Nations Confederation). His photographic work is centred on symbolism and current affairs in the experience of urban

These 3 photographers' work will also be shown on the quai Branly.

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