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Instituto de Mexico

® Andrés Carretero Martínez, Phénotypes : Anïs Montemayor 1, 2007
® Andrés Carretero Martínez, Phénotypes : Anaïs Montemayor 1, 2007


Six contemporary Mexican photography projects

From 18/09/09 to 7/11/09 
Curators: Alejandro Castellanos, Director of the Centro de la Imagen de Mexico, and Francisco Mata, photographer. 

From a historical point of view, it would seem that every one hundred years, since the beginning of the war of independence in 1810, Mexico goes through a process of transformation of its political and social structures. This was the case with the Revolution in 1910, as it is today, where the country is going through a transition period which has led its artists to adapt their thinking to the urgency of a changing reality, thus identifying a moment of metamorphosis, a prelude against which the emergence of the XXIst century, its perspectives and its challenges can stand out.

In this context, the exhibition Umbrales/Thresholds presents the photographic work of a collective (Sector Reforma, consisting of Javier Cárdenas, Santino Escatel and Alejandro Fournier) and of five artists (Andrés Carretero, Livia Corona, José Luis Cuevas, Gerardo Montiel Klint and Oswaldo Ruiz), laureates of the XIIIth Biennial of Photography, organised by the Centro de la Imagen in 2008-2009.

From its beginnings, in 1980, the Biennial of Photography functioned as the most important platform for consolidating the career of the laureates of the competition and served as an observatory for emerging trends in the Mexican scene. In this sense, note that the group of artists present in the Umbrales/Thresholds exhibition clearly represent the most recent generation of Mexican artists who are starting to renew the way of creating and thinking about images in the country. Livia Corona, Gerardo Montiel Klint and Oswaldo Ruiz develop metaphors around Mexican society from use of space and setting, whereas Andrés Carretero, José Luis Cuevas and Sector Reforma analyse the identity of minorities and the urban working classes.

The common denominator between each of these artists is their independence from each other. Professionally trained by different processes and in different countries, and living in different towns, (Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico and New York), they show us the diversity and the differences which characterise contemporary Mexico, but above all the way in which the rich creative tradition of Mexican photography is renewed.

The exhibition is proposed by Francisco Mata, phtographer, and Alejandro Castellanos, Director of the Centro de la Imagen of Mexico. Mr. Castellanos is also associate curator for Mexico at PHOTOQUAI.


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