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Scenography by Patrick Jouin

50 photographers from very different horizons bring together their viewpoint on the world through 200 images, shown along the banks of the river Seine, on the quai Branly. The scenography project aims to bring together this photographic richness and diversity on the walkway which overhangs the riverbanks, a magical site, whilst not denaturing the quality of the views of the city it offers, and aims also to offer the visitor another way of looking at this linear route.

On the walkway, Patrick Jouin designed the layout so that large and small formats can coexist without cancelling each other out or becoming confused. Dense, confined spaces make way, around a picture rail, for views over the Seine. The levels of interpretation, the angles of viewing and the perspectives aim to offer as much variety as do the range of artists on show.

The scenography project, like the stones carried by the waves and washed up on the riverbanks, has been designed as a dense block which, along the route, breaks up, scatters, crumbles and finally, in small fragments, disperses
beyond the walkway, as far as the entrance to the musée du quai Branly. From this metaphor, we can also retain the random and unstructured dimension, the organised disorder which governs the route with a succession of rhythms and

plan de scénographie