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Présentation et mode de fonctionnement

Photoquai steering committee

Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh, Director of the Silk Road Gallery (Tehran), is artistic director of Photoquai 2009.

A selection committee was set up for the main event, for the exhibitions of the musée du quai Branly and of the artistic partners of Photoquai 2009. This committee consists of:

  • Christine Barthe, Scientific Manager of the Heritage Unit of the photographic collections – musée du quai Branly (Latin America)
  • Reza, photographer (China)
  • Hélène Fulgence, Cultural Development Director – musée du quai Branly (India)
  • Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh, gallerist and independent curator (Near- and Middle-East)
  • Nathalie Gonthier, Independent curator – Director of the FRAC La Réunion (Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Yves Le Fur, Director of the Heritage and Collections Department – musée du quai Branly (Australia)
  • Céline Martin-Raget, Manager of the Image Centre – musée du quai Branly (North America, Canada and Hawaii)
  • Mouna Mekouar, Independent curator (Maghreb)
  • Tadashi Ono, Independent curator (Japan, Korea, South-East Asia)

Orientation and selection

The artistic director coordinates a selection committee which consists of image specialists, and to which around twenty foreign curators were added.

The selection of Photoquai was based on « tandems » of curators, whose final selections cover around thirty countries divided into geographical areas:

Near- and Middle-East; Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb; Japan, Korea, South-East Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia); Oceania, Australia and New Zealand; North America, Canada and Hawaii; South America: Peru-Brazil and Argentina-Mexico; India; China-Caucuses.

For each of these zones, the associate curators were in charge of, in the areas concerned, discovering and passing on to the selection committee rising photographic talents who were unknown or little known in Europe.

Geographical zone Curator Foreign co-curator    
Near- and Middle-East Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh Mehran Mohajer (Iran), photographer.    
Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb Nathalie Gonthier in collaboration with the association Afrique In Visu for Sub-Saharan Africa
Mouna Mekouar for the Maghreb countries, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria.
Japan, Korea, South-East Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia) Tadashi Ono Alexander Supartono (Indonesia).    
Oceania, Australia and New-Zealand Yves Le Fur Maud Page (Australia), Artistic Director of the Brisbane Triennial, for Australia, and Anne Noble (New-Zealand), photographer and photography professor at the University of Wellington, for New-Zealand    
North America, Canada and Hawaï Céline Martin-Raget Martha Langford (Canada), independant curator and associate professor at the History of Art Department, University Concordia, Montreal.    
Latin America : Argentina -Mexico Christine Barthe Valeria Gonzalez (Argentina) for Argentina, and Alejandro Castellanos (Mexico), Director of the Centro de la Imagen de Mexico, for Mexico.    
Peru -Brazil Alejandro Castellote (Spanish), independant curator and founder of PhotoEspaña Madrid, curator for Brazil and Peru, in association with Iatã Cannabrava for Brazil    
India Hélène Fulgence Pablo Bartholomew (India), photographer.    
China -Caucuses Reza Na Risong (China) for China and Sarah Oghuz (Azerbaidjan) for the Caucuses.